Why Choose us

Making the correct choice is important. Record my School want you to be totally confident that you are making the right choice.

The internet makes it very easy for people to shop around and gives sometimes endless choice.  We realise that people often have very little time to explore every possible option and so below we have prepared a short summary and given 5 reasons why we believe Record my School is the right choice to help you with your next school recording.

Professionally Qualified staff

We are not a large company by any means, but we do have 3 full time members of staff all of whom carry qualifications relevent to their position.  Most importantly we have all worked together for a number of years and built up a wealth of experience.  Some organisations are proud of being large, and indeed some companies pretend to be larger than they are.  Here we simply tell it how it is.  For the majority of our recordings you will get two members of staff – unless we are really busy.  But we will always asses every job. Some larger recordings need two of us just to keep things moving or particularly where there are a lot of ‘set changes’ and limited time.    We never use sub contractors – if the job is outside of our capabilities then we will tell you. This has never happened yet, but we know our limitations and will only take on work we are confident of doing well.

Studio Grade Equipment

Technically it’s quite easy to record audio and there are an increasing array of consumer devices such as hand held portable recorders available for a few hundred pounds.  These are great if you just want a quick recording of something which happened just to go on a blog for example. However to record properly is quite a lot more complicated and requires considerable investment. Record my School have two 16 channel recording rigs which are of the highest possible quality. Accompanying this we have a whole array of professional microphones which are suited for different purposes.  Our recording gear was specifically designed to work in schools and take account of the wide range of music which goes on in schools today.

Top Quality CD Packaging

The look of your CD is important.  There is nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into a recording only to be delivered a shabby looking CD in a tatty plastic wallet which has clearly been printed on someones computer. Record my School are a location recording company.  We are not a CD production house.  This is a specialist job and requires specialist equipment. As such we work in partnership with one of the UK’s leading CD production and printing houses who fulfil all our CD orders to the highest possible standard and mean you will have a CD which looks exactly like one which is sold in the shops.

Record anywhere in the UK

A lot of recording companies are run by sound engineers who have ‘day jobs’ and therefore only take on a handful of small local recordings either just to enjoy playing with the technology or just as a hobby.  Because we are a UK company and this is our core business, Record my School work all over the UK and do not charge extra for travel.

Fully insured UK Company

Our business has been trading since 2009 and indeed our staff have worked in the location recording industry since 2002.  Because recording on location is our core business, then we trade as a proper Limited Company and carry all the necessary insurances which go with this.  Copies of our insurance is always available upon request.

 To find out just how easy it is to record a CD in your school, give us a call on 01225 302143. If you prefer you can click here to email us.