What happens on the day?

What happens on the day?

So, you’ve been planning for weeks, and your pupils have been rehearsing all their favourite songs since the beginning of term all in anticipation of recording their very own professional CD at school.  But what happens on the actual day?

We thought to help you understand how we work and make the recording day even better for your staff and pupils we would give you a quick run down on what happens when.

Arrival – 07.30

Our engineers like to arrive at your school in good time usually by 07.30 which gives us time to get all our equipment into your school hall and set everything up so we are ready to record by 9am or just before.   Often we appreciate you might be running breakfast club in the hall but that’s ok we don’t need a huge amount of space and can usually set up around that.

Start of Recording Session – 09.00

It should be noted that the timings here are approximate and can obviously be tweaked to suit your school day and timetable.  But generally we start recording around 9am or after you have completed any morning assembly or registers.

The structure of the day is up to you – where you have lots of classes / groups recording different songs we would usually recommend allowing 20 minutes per song / class.  This gives time to get everyone into the hall sing the song a couple of times and then file out for the next group.

Most schools have a morning break and we would encourage you to stick to this – our engineers are usually in need of a cup of coffee by then as well!  We will then continue recording until you need to set up for lunch (unless we are in a different hall / venue which is free all day).


Most Primary Schools will use the school hall as a dining room at lunchtime and we often have to stop recording a little ahead of this in order to allow the kitchen staff to set up tables etc.  We will then usually disappear somewhere to a nearby cafe to get some lunch – although a school lunch is always welcome!

Start of Afternoon Session – 1.30pm

Once your lunch is finished and the hall has been cleared we will then move our recording kit back into place and carry on recording usually until the end of the school day or as necessary.

End of the recording session – 3pm approx

The end of the session will usually be governed again by your timetable and school day. It also depends on whether or not you want to record a staff song. Usually these are done either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day once the pupils are heading home.

All the above timings are just approximate and can of course be adjusted to suit your own particular circumstances.  Our job is to be efficient but at the same time flexible and fit in with you.   If you would like further information, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us by email.

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Jules Addison is a Director of Record My School and also runs a number of Community Choirs in Wiltshire.

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