How long before we get the CDs?

How long before we get the CDs?

So, you’ve had the excitement of the recording session. Everyone is really hyped about the songs which have been sung.  The winning design has been chosen to feature on the front cover.   Now what? Wait weeks for the CDs to actually turn up?

No. In fact our CDs usually arrive at your school around a week after your recording session – the key to a quick turnaround is usually getting the artwork signed off promptly.  To give a bit more detail to our answer lets look a bit closer at the process which occurs after the recording.

Day of the Recording

Once we have finished recording all your songs, whilst our engineers are packing up is a good time to go through the artwork.   Most Primary Schools will run a competition for some artwork to feature on the front cover of the CD.  That said, we like to be as inclusive as possible and in theory we can get up to a dozen pieces of artwork into the booklet and on the back pages as well should you wish.   As well as the artwork, it’s usually a good idea to include a note from the Head Teacher or perhaps your Head of Music.  This doesn’t have to be more than a few sentences but again it’s up to you.

The most important thing is that we have all the elements of your artwork by the time we finish recording.  If it’s easier for you to email some things over then by all means please do so.   In regards to the children’s artwork, it’s usually best if we take the original copies and scan them in so they are the right size and resolution for the CD artwork.   We can always return the originals to your school if needed.

What happens next?

Once we have all the components of your artwork, text and images, along with the track list, our design team will start producing proofs of your CD.  We aim to have this done within 48 hours of the recording session – or certainly as soon as we can. Depending on how close you are to our studios and what time we finish we have on occasion had the artwork produced and signed off the same day!  This is unusual though!

So realistically a day or so after your recording, we will send you copies of the design for your CD and its packaging which you need to review carefully and then let us know if its ok to proceed.  At this point we also need to know how many CDs you would like to order.

Check Carefully

When you are sent the artwork proofs.  Do please check them carefully.   We do our very best to ensure they are free from spelling mistakes or typos.  Any text you send us will usually be cut and pasted to try and minimise errors.  However, we often have to put children’s names against the artwork so do please check this is all correct before you say go to print.  Once the CDs are in production we cannot stop the process.  It’s fortunately very rare but we have had schools before who have signed off the artwork but then realised on delivery there is a mistake.   If that’s the case I’m afraid it will cost quite a lot of money to have everything re done and then reprinted.   So please, do check the artwork carefully. If you need us to make any changes before it’s signed off, that’s fine.  We are as keen as you to make sure everything is correct!

Signed off Ready for Production

Once you sign off the artwork, that’s the last stage of the process for our customers. We then put the CDs and the artwork into production and generally speaking the CDs will be delivered to your school 3 or 4 days later.  For very large quantities of 1000 or more this might take a bit longer as we use a manufacturing plant in Germany so you might need to allow 10-14 days for this type of production. Most schools, however, tend to order between 150 – 500 CDs which we can do in house and therefore the turn around time is just a few days.  Once the CDs are ready for delivery we will usually be able to inform you of an estimated time of arrival but certainly can advise you of the day we expect delivery.

To find out more about our recording services in schools please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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