Busy Summer of Recordings

Busy Summer of Recordings

Record My School have had a busy Summer recording in Primary and Secondary Schools all over the UK.  In fact this year was probably one of our busiest yet, with back to back recordings all throughout June and well into July.

Recording in Schools, is a very rewarding task.  We get to visit all sorts of schools from Primary schools Secondary and Independent schools all over the country.  Wherever we go we always get a warm welcome from the staff and are usually presented with an excited bunch of children all looking forward to recording their CD.  For many children, particularly those of a Primary School age, they won’t have ever recorded a CD or an album before. In fact some may never do again, which is quite a sobering thought.

Our job, therefore, is to make the whole experience as fun and interactive as possible.  For this, we are often helped a lot by the staff – most of whom are equally excited themselves about the prospect of having a ‘proper’ recording studio being set up in their school for the day.  In fact so much so that a lot of staff tend to record their own songs to go onto the album.  This is often quite fun as they will usually take a popular song and then tweak the words slightly to fit in with their school.  This year one of the most notable staff songs was a version of ‘Let it go’ from Frozen which the staff had changed to ‘Let her go’ and slightly adapted the words so the song could be dedicated to a retiring head teacher.

The Recording Process

Most of our recordings in Primary Schools follow a fairly standard process which has been tried and tested successfully in hundreds of schools over the last few years.   Firstly we always agree everything in writing so that all schools know exactly what is going to happen on the day, who is going to turn up and when they can be expected to arrive.  This small detail is in fact extremely important.

On the day of your recording our engineers will normally turn up around 0730 in the morning to set up our recording gear in your school hall. We then spend all day with you, apart from a break for lunch as most schools tend to use the school hall as a dining room.    The recording session then carries on until the end of the school day  or as necessary to record all the tracks for your album.

After the recording day our engineers will master all the tracks to make you sound as great as possible.  We then need to produce you a fantastic looking album. Our graphic design team will help to create your artwork but we often ask Primary Schools to run a competition to design the front cover.  Along with some information about your school, a letter from the head teacher and a confirmed track order, we are then good to go.

Most schools will then receive their CDs within about 7-10 days of the recording session which means they can be sold to parents and raise funds for your school which you can use for any purpose you wish.

How to Book a Recording in your school?

If you like the sound of the above and would like to book a recording session at your school, we are already taking orders for Christmas Recordings. Most schools will record their Christmas albums in October and November so that CDs can be delivered before the end of term or in time for a school Christmas fair.   To book your recording session all you need to do is give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us via our contact form.

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