Free Primary School Christmas CD Recording

Free Primary School Christmas CD Recording

With schools all returning for the new academic year, our diary is already starting to fill up with bookings for Primary School CD Recordings.   Record My School work on location all over the UK and give Primary schools the opportunity to record a fundraising Christmas CD.

Why Record a Christmas CD?

Most of the Primary Schools we work with record Christmas CDs as a fundraising activity for the school. As such, in a lot of cases the project is run by the PTA (Parent Teachers Association).   With no up front cost and the potential to raise hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, a free recording session from Record my School is often a no brainer in terms of fundraising.

Aside of the fundraising aspect, and perhaps for many teachers more importantly, a recording is about bringing the pupils and teachers together. It is a chance to work on something which is slightly different. Our school recordings will only take a day, and most schools tends to record class by class dryer by year.  So actually the disruption is fairly minimal.  Each year group will take just 15 or 20 minutes out of their school day to come to the hall and record their songs.

School Singing

In Primary Schools, everyone sings.  From what we have seen visiting schools all over the UK, singing and music is still very much promoted in primary schools but less so in secondary schools.  Obviously there are different academic demands from year 7 and most secondary schools are a lot bigger which perhaps a bigger variety of things going on at any one time.

So therefore, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity that Primary Schools have to record a CD.  If your school enjoys singing at assemblies or in class then why not capture it. Aside of the potential fundraising opportunities, it is for many children a once in a lifetime opportunity to record their own album.

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