Recording in your school to make a Profit

Recording in your school to make a Profit

Recording a CD in your school is a great project that involves all the children and staff. Financial constraints in schools often prevent elaborate project from taking flight, and we are all aware hoe accountable schools are on delivering performance.

This is why we offer free recordings in schools, so that you have no up front costs. Not even a deposit. You will not be invoiced until your CDs are delivered to school.

This means that you can take preorders before your recording day so that when your CDs arrive you can have already collected payment. You decide how much to sell each CD, and the profit is yours.

No matter what the latest government initiative may be regarding education, schools have always been a place of learning lead by the teachers within.
Sometimes there are school projects which are cross curricular, which seems tick many Ofsted boxes. A school CD recording is an all inclusive way to run a whole school project with not negative impact on your budget. Bringing a recording company into the classroom obviously ticks the technology and science boxes (we are happy to have a question and answer session during the recording day).

The singing covers the music which we know is vitally important in so many ways, and seeing children completely engaged in the music and with songs they love and have selected is wonderful. Each CD is also a mini art project with a design competition winner proudly displaying their fabulous design on the front cover (and there is always room inside for other pictures to be added).

Everyone can play a part in the CD, all the children become recording artists, and often the staff will record their own track showcasing their own vocal talents!

If your school loves singing and you would like to make some money for your school, record a CD and let us guide and help you through every stage of this project.

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Jules Addison is a Director of Record My School and also runs a number of Community Choirs in Wiltshire.

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