What to do with the end of the Summer term?

What to do with the end of the Summer term?

With most schools in the UK returning from the half term break this week, it might be a good point to consider activities for the end of the Easter term as well as looking ahead to the Summer.

For a lot of schools the next 3 terms (in my day this would be 1 and a half!) will start to get busy with exams.   However, the end of the Summer term (I believe this is term 6 in today’s language) is a good time to start including some ‘extra curricular’ activities.

A lot of the recordings we do in Secondary Schools / Independent schools take place in June and July.  This is because with the majority of exams finished, there are usually a couple of weeks where most pupils are not quite at a loose end, but perhaps have slightly more time than otherwise to engage in other activities.

Therefore if you have been considering making a recording of your school choir the end of the Summer term might be an excellent opportunity to do so.    Remember we record in all sorts of schools and can essentially record anything which makes a noise. So whether you have a Chamber Choir full of people who aspire to one day join The Sixteen or a Band who are lining up to take over from Elbow, we can record them and help your pupils 1 small step further along the road towards stardom.

To find out more about recording an album at your school with Record My School then please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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