What can we record?

What can we record?

Record my School use a 16 or 32 channel mobile recording studio which is capable of recording anything from choirs to a Rock Band. Our unique setup was designed to cope with the wide range of music which is found in schools today.

Predominantly when we record in Primary Schools, we tend to record a song performed by each year group plus something by the choir if you have one.  Then we might finish with a couple of full school songs and maybe even a staff song which always goes down well with parents and pupils alike.

However, recordings are not just about singing. You can record anything you like. This might include a string group, a wind quintet or a brass band.  Often in secondary schools we find ourselves face to face with the school rock band.   Whilst these groups are all recorded in different ways with a different selection of microphones, we thought about this when specifying our recording rig.

Variety of Recording Gear

We have a range of different condenser and dynamic microphones to cover all instruments as well as a huge array of cables and DI boxes for instruments such as electric guitars and keyboards all of which require different treatment on location.   So far in the 8 years we have been working in schools, we have never been phased by anything which has been presented.

In some cases, particularly where we are recording rock bands, because we do not often have the luxury of putting singers in isolation we will record ‘multi track’. This typically involves recording the band ‘as live’ and then re-recording the singers or individual elements of the band.  This obviously takes a bit longer and whether or not we have the luxury of such a technique will depend on how much time is available.  Nevertheless we will always find the best way to deal with every situation which we are faced with.

Stand out from the Crowd

Our purpose is to make sure our recordings are the very best we can offer.  There is so much musical talent in schools today and also so much ready access to high quality recordings that we feel your pupils deserve the chance to record their own tracks.  These need to be just as good as they are used to hearing, but without necessitating your school spending the many thousands of pounds which are involved in taking everyone to a studio.

To find out more about recording a CD in your school please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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Jules Addison is a Director of Record My School and also runs a number of Community Choirs in Wiltshire.

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