Planning a Primary School CD Recording

Planning a Primary School CD Recording

Once you have decided you would like to record a CD at your Primary School, what happens next? The obvious thing is what and who to include on the disc.

The Songs

Most primary schools have access to Out of the Ark Music or a similar resource which offers a whole host of songs which are popular with Primary School aged Children.  Additionally you may want to come up with a theme for your CD. If it’s a Christmas album then that becomes a little easier.  But if you are recording in the summer you might want to think about songs relating to a particular season.

If all else fails then a good idea is to ask the class teachers or indeed the children themselves to suggest their favourite songs.  After all the CD recording needs to be a positive experience for everyone involved. Giving your pupils the chance to sing their favourite songs is a sure fire way of making the singing sound great.

From time to time we have recorded songs to mark occasions, such as school anniversaries or head teachers retiring. This sometimes gives rise to songs being ‘adapted’ and words tweaked to suit the situation.  Some of these songs find their way into the staff room and are performed as a staff song, which is always fun!

Who’s Involved

To benefit from our free recording session we ask that all pupils are involved and recorded on the CD in some way.  Generally in Primary Schools we record by year group and / or class and then record a couple of songs with the whole school singing.  If you have a school choir or wind band, or any other music group then why not involve them too?  It can also be quite fun to record a staff song – this is a great way of really getting everyone involved in the CD and the kids will love hearing their teachers singing on the final album

If you’re ready to record a CD at your Primary school then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us

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