Sitting in the sun thinking about Christmas

Sitting in the sun thinking about Christmas

As I sit here in this glorious summer in my office, just because it is the coolest room in the house, it is rather hard to think about Christmas music. However, for the teachers and music staff going back to school in September the Michaelmas term is already planned out. Carol services and Christmas productions are already decided upon and rehearsal schedules being considered.

Now Christmas come this time every year, but often catches many by surprise and we often hear “Oh, if only I had more time” or “Oh that’s a great song, maybe next year”, but the trouble is, that next year also bring a new set of fresh faced children who want to learn the tradition as well as the popular Christmas repertoire. And then it is perfect, all the parents are so proud; At this point we break up for the holiday and all is forgotten, with the help of a little mulled wine and a few mince pies. The songs will not be sung until next November and that song we’d forgotten about last year… well maybe next year. So much practise and learning has been done and the songs are polished for their performances, and then that’s it. And with nostalgia we say “Oh I remember singing that at school, I haven’t heard it since then….my choir was really good”.

Record a school CD, & capture these memories for years to come. Young voices singing make such a special sound, and oh so quickly how they grow up. There is so much talent that is developed during the school years ad the older students become exceptional musicians, only a few of whom will go ion to a life in the music industry, most sadly will leave their music behind when they leave school.
We have tailored our recording sessions to suit your school timetable and most school record an entire CD during just one day. We make the recording session free, and only charge for the CDs ordered. The CDs can be sold at your Christmas Fair, or bought by parents as a keepsake, or to give to grandparents as a lovely personal Christmas present (much more appreciated than bath salts…). You can sell them for any price you like in order to raise money for your school, or a charity that you are supporting. But mostly, this is about recording your school’s unique sound and laying down a memory that you can keep forever.
Although it seems early to be planning your Christmas recording, this could not only give your choirs something to work towards, but also your school as a whole to be part of some fundraising. We are already taking bookings for Christmas recordings from September onwards.  If you are wanting to do something a bit different and special for the 2018 festive season, why not talk to us about booking your free recording session.

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