How long will it take to record my class?

How long will it take to record my class?

Travelling around the country to record  your school CD and digital album, the question I am often asked is “How long will it take to record my class?”.

The short answer is usually about 20 minutes, but obviously this depends on many factors. Age, preparation, choirs and technology to name a few.


We often start with the reception and nursery classes, and it works best to record these straight after registration. Really here we want to capture the “cuteness” of your class, the individual voices and create a young memory to keep. Young children will lose interest so it we will record everything, even the practise. If you are expecting perfection please remember that your littlest children will have lost their attention after two takes. 

Older classes have more concentration, although we generally still record your warmup/practise and ask you to also rehearse keeping quiet beginning and end, just in case you sing it perfectly first time through. Year 6, especially from Easter onwards are beginning to outgrow the school and unless they are involved and engaged with their song they may not, unfortunately, be the best singers on your album!


Now obviously you have booked to record a CD and chosen songs you like to sing. Hopefully everyone will know how they go and will have practised leading up to the recording day. It is usual to have a practise/warmup sessions and the second take is the best one when those few little things have been remembered and corrected! Anther important thing to do when preparing is to practise being quiet before you start and after the sing has finished. This allows us to create a professional recording, as although it is nice to hear the enthusiasm of the teachers, staff and children, talking over the end of a track can be annoying and embarrassing.


Many schools, as well as whole school singing, have smaller choirs where the more musical children explore their voices and take a slightly more challenging repertoire, often harmonising in parts, soloists and perhaps even instruments. If you are lucky enough to have a music leader in your school, they will want to showcase the best of the children’s talents and often here the perfectionist emerges as they want the best possible take for the recording. We are delighted help, and capture your music and will work with you until you are happy. 


We connect to many school sound systems and if you are using the overhead projector for words or a laptop for backing tracks it really helps if this is working and someone is near to give access to this (laptops need passwords, and we have no idea where your files are!). We can take backing tracks from you phone, iPod, MP3 device or YouTube… as long as they are working. Internet connectivity issues will cause problems, and a break in your singing whilst the system is buffering means that we have to do another take.

So, once your class is in the hall or your chosen recording room, and we have arranged them into a recoding block formation in front of the microphones, then a run through and a take should take about 20 minutes (assuming your song is about 3 minutes long). If your first take is great, there is no need to do it again; if you think you could improve, then we will record until you are happy.

If your school loves singing and you would like to make a CD and digital album as a memory for all to keep, then please contact us on 01225 302143 or click here to email

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