Busy Christmas Season

Busy Christmas Season

Christmas is always by far our busiest time of year. This year was, again, no exception as we were travelling all around the UK.

Recording a Christmas CD is a great thing to do at your Primary School.  Not only do the pupils have a great time recording the songs but they produce an album which they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

We have been recording Christmas albums in schools since 2009, and our parent company was established in 2004.     Every year we start recording Christmas albums in early September and continue right through until the middle of December. This year, 10 December was our last recording as it was about the last day we could guarantee having the CDs ready in time before the end of term.

Where have we been?

This year, we have been all over the UK from Wiltshire to Stirling and just about everywhere in between.   Where possible we try to plan the recordings so that we are not spending the entire time going up and down the country, but this doesn’t always work out!  For example in November we had a Thursday recording in Kent and then had to drive the length of the country to record at a school in Callander, Scotland.

We have also been up the M5 and M6 a few times.  This year we had 2 recordings in Wigan a couple in Wrexham and also a couple of trips into North Wales.  You might be forgiven for thinking this is a great way to see the country.  The reality however, is that we mainly see the UK Motorway network at 4am.

In order to do a full days recording, we need to arrive at your school by 07.30am. At this time of year that’s usually just as it’s starting to get light.  Most of the time we don’t finish recording until 3pm by which time the light is fading.  Occasionally we finish recording at lunchtime, or at least get an hour or so break.  This is often a good time to go exploring.  If we have finished recording then we go and explore somewhere nice for lunch.  If we are still recording into the afternoon, the lunch break is a good chance to get a nice walk for half an hour or so.

So we have been to lots of nice places this year but to be honest haven’t seen much more than a local park near to the school or maybe the occasional coffee shop!  That said, it’s still the best job in the world and we look forward to recording lots more schools in 2019.




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