Raise money by recording a Christmas CD

Raise money by recording a Christmas CD

When we set up our business to offer professional recordings to schools in the UK, one of the main considerations was how to make it affordable.

The majority of schools, whether they are a state primary or an independent secondary school do not have specific budgets to record a CD or digital album.    We therefore had to come up with an alternative solution to make our proposal viable for schools.

Record a Free CD

We decided the only way to make a professional recording truly affordable for all schools was to actually make it free.  The trouble is, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  And yes, we are a commercial organisation so how could we possibly just go around recording in schools for nothing.

The key to our offering is there is no up front cost.  We do not take a deposit from your school.    There is no cost to the recording session, all we ask is that your school buys 50 or more CDs after the recording session.   Now, potentially this could present a risk to your school.  What if you don’t sell enough CDs?  Who will bear the cost of these albums.

To get around this we recommend that schools take pre orders before we even record the CD. Once you have booked the recording session with us if you promote this to parents and give them an incentive to order the CD / Album in advance (maybe £9 now or £10 when published) then you should get a good number of pre orders.   Provided you have sold at least 50 CDs then you know that you will already be making a profit.

Fund-raising from CD sales

Our proposal goes further than just covering your costs though.   For most schools this isn’t enough of an incentive to spend a day recording an album.  Unlike other people in this business (not that there are many others now!) we supply CDs priced with a falling scale dependent on the number of units ordered.   So for example 50 CDs will cost you £7.95 each but 200 will cost you just £5 each.   Based on selling the CDs for anything between £6 and £10 it’s easy to see how your school can raise a lot of money.

Let’s take the example of 200 CDs.  Your purchase price from us will be £5 per CD. This is a total outlay of £1000.   Depending on how much you sell the CDs you could make anything from £00 to £00 as the summary below shows

Purchase Price £5 per unit

Selling price:

  • £6 per CD = £200 profit for your school
  • £7 per CD = £400 profit for your school
  • £8 per CD = £600 profit for your school
  • £9 per CD = £800 profit for your school
  • £10 per CD = £1000 profit for your school

Find out more

If you would like to find out just how easy it is to record a fundraising CD at your school and raise hundreds of pounds for your school / PTA then why not give us a call on 01225 302143. Alternatively you can click here to contact us by email.


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