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How long will it take to record my class?

Travelling around the country to record  your school CD and digital album, the question I am often asked is “How long will it take to record my class?”.

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Recording in your school to make a Profit

Recording a CD in your school is a great project that involves all the children and staff. Financial constraints in schools often prevent elaborate project from taking flight, and we are all aware hoe accountable schools are on delivering performance.

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School CD Recording in Wiltshire

Record my School are a location recording company set up specifically to record in Schools.  We record all over the UK but are based in Wiltshire so its always nice to record in local schools.  Read More

What exactly is Location Recording?

At the most basic level, and quite possibly obvious to everyone, location recording is the art of making a recording somewhere other than a recording studio.  However it is important not to confuse location recording with location sound as these are two rather different things.

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