Getting your CD to look good

Getting your CD to look good

Having a great recording is only part of the job.   To sell lots of copies it also needs to look great too.

In very basic terms there are two key elements to producing a School CD which will be successful and raise lots of money for your school.  First it has to sound good and second it has to look good.

Top Quality CD Audio

It goes without saying that if you promote yourself as a professional recording company then the starting point for that is the ability to record the very best quality that you can.  After all with handheld recorders becoming much more widely available and every new smartphone having a half way decent microphone built in, nowadays everyone can record.

The first thing we did when setting up in business back in 2004 was to do our research.  As part of the process we ‘auditioned’ a number of different recording rigs and a whole range of microphones.   Of course as with most tech items, we have since changed a lot of the kit as it is constantly needing to be updated.  That is, with the exception of the microphones which remain largely unchanged for years.

There is, of course, a lot more to sounding good than just buying the right kit.  Anyone can buy a professional DSLR camera for example, but without properly knowing how to use it, you can still obtain quite terrible results.  So we thought about this. In addition to our sound engineers being professionally qualified both in audio production and music we also now have over 15 years experience working in the audio industry.

The look of the CD

The way your CD looks is almost if not more important than how it sounds. After all, whilst the advice is never judge a book by a cover, it is the first thing you see.  If the CD looks professional and looks worth the money people will be more interested in buying it.

The majority of our school CDs feature designs from the pupils on the front cover. This gives them a look which is unique to the school.

Below are a few examples of some CDs we have produced for other schools.

East Wichel CD

East Wichel CD

This CD for East Wichel features a cover design which was completely designed by one of the pupils. We have not amended it in any way other than to discretely include our logo.

School CD

PQA Academy

This CD for the Pauline Quirke Academy features a design which was created by their own team of Graphic Designers. We had little to do with the design but just helped to compile the artwork.

School CD

School CD

This School CD was created again by the school, St Mary’s Middle School down in Dorset.   The school supplied the artwork using our templates and we created them for the CD.

School CD

School CD

This more recent album, recorded for St Bede’s features a front cover design by one of the pupils which we have framed in the school colours. We then include a title for the album and the name of the school.

In Summary

We are not trying to win any design awards with our school CDs.  They are intended to be something which is unique and special to your school.     The pupils get a huge delight from seeing their designs featured on the CD.  As well as the front cover we can also feature images in the booklet and on the back of the CD packaging too giving more people a chance to be included.

If you would like to find out more or book a CD Recording Session at your school then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.

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